The Best Banana Cake

I made this banana cake for my friends at a food pantry where I volunteer. I was desperate for a new recipe for bananas and found this one. My only problem was that I was in a hurry and only read the part about preheating the oven to 350. I thought one hour was too long to bake a cake but set my timer for 60 minutes, put my cake in the oven and went outside to do some weeding.

After about 40 minutes I went back inside, smelled the cake and thought I’d better check. It was beautiful and perfectly baked. THEN I read the entire instructions and saw that I was supposed to turn the oven down . Duh…. I was worried that it would be dry but it was moist and perfect the next morning. Super delicious and one that I will make over and over.

Recipe >> The Best Banana Cake @ spendwithpennies.com


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