Low Carb “Fathead” Pigs in a Blanket

I like that this delicious “bread” isn’t limited to pizza, and can be made into garlic bread, sandwiches, calzones, and even these Pigs in a Blanket using hot dogs or sausages. SO yummy!

Simply prepare your “Fathead” Dough using THIS recipe, divide it into 8 sections, and then wrap them around hot dogs or cooked sausages. It’s a fun meal idea that’s both yummy and low carb!

Low Carb “Fathead” Pigs in a Blanket


package of 8 hot dogs
Optional* Sesame Seeds or Poppy Seeds


  1. Separate dough into 8 sections, and roll into balls.
  2. Using your hand, flatten and roll each piece of dough around a hot dog.
  3. ............
  4. ................

get full recipes : Click Here

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